How did Avicii die?

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A boy already legend.

A genius who died really too early.

A bit like what happened to Jim Morrison.

Maybe it’s true that the genes die all young.

Very sad news on April 20, 2018. Tim Bergling, known as Avicii, died among the most famous DJs in the world in the international EDM scene, a 28 year old boy full of joyful and brilliant life. With his music, he made millions of people dance to world-famous songs like Levels, Wake me up or Hey Brother.

Avicii was found dead in Muscat, in Oman, at the age of only 28, for now the causes of death are not official. The family desperate to the news, confirmed the death, but asked to respect their pain and the maximum reserve.

If you are wondering how Avicii died, the Omani police just made it known that you are not following the criminal route. Two autopsies have been performed on his body, but by the will of the family on the causes of death there is the maximum reserve. A note from the family released April 26, 2018 states that Tim was a fragile soul and could not go on like this, suggesting suicide. We await the police news when the results of the two autopsies arrive.

TMZ has released two news. According to this American site from some sources that want to remain anonymous, Tim would have cut his wrists with a glass of a broken bottle, one of the two sources said that he also cut his neck. The other news would regulate Tim’s family. At the beginning of that damn week the family would have felt that Tim was particularly ill and had decided to join him. Just that April 20 Tim’s brother would have boarded to reach him and bring him home. However, the plane would arrive in oman two hours after the tragedy.

It is undeniable that this news really hurts us.

We are waiting for official confirmation from the family or the police.

The family, in their second note to the public, also suggested suicide by saying that Tim wanted peace and was not made for the business machine in which he found himself.

The success


Tim was born in Stockholm on September 8th 1989 and started making music at the age of 17. At the beginning it’s just a game, through a program that a friend had told him he wrote the notes and traces the music of the most famous DJs, it’s only after six months that he starts experimenting with new chords and making his first melodies.

Tim starts composing his songs in his room / studio writing 5/6 songs a week and starts to put them on the internet, first on a music program and then on Myspace. And it is there that he is noticed by a boy about ten years older than him, Arash Pournouri, a promoter who never made the manager.

avicii manager

Tim and Arash begin to collaborate and Ash (Arash) becomes his manager.




In 2010 Tim lives the summer season of Ibiza at the home of Tiesto who immediately realizes his incredible talents and has him perform before him every week at the Privilege.

Everything proceeds in a calm way up to a certain point, we are in 2011 and Tim decides to find a music suitable for a refrain that he really likes.

At a certain point he realizes he has found something brilliant, it is the turning point. Anyone who listens to the song remains literally ecstatic. The song starts shooting on Youtube and on the premises has a crazy success. Arash manages to sell the rights of the song for $ 500,000. From how it went on Youtube and on the premises already it is known that the song will be a worldwide success. Watch the video.

This is how Levels comes out, a song that literally conquers Tim (aka Avicii) the best stages and makes it the DJ Line of the main hall to the Ultra in Miami. And ‘Madonna in person to announce it on the dj set.

Watch the video with madonna at the ultra of miami


The name Avicii in Sanskrit has the meaning of “without waves”.

From here begins an epochal tour with evenings that take him around the world.

In 2013 it was the turn of Wake me up that became a world hit a short time.

Watch the video of the TBMTV interview.


Tim is a shy and introverted boy who completely contrasts with the life and style undertaken in that way. Tim wants to make music and be on his own. The life of the DJ includes alcohol, fans, success, fame, self-centeredness, all that Tim is not, but that his role already imposes him



The evenings at the beginning go great. Finally, Tim succeeds and feels in tune with the fans. But to melt away from his rigid and introverted temperament he decides to have a few drinks before the performances.

In reality, he sees all the other DJs doing it and thinks it’s a way of melting common to that world.

He does not know that this will lead his body to have acute pancreatitis just after a few months.

Health problems

Tim is flying to Australia for some evenings and instead just got off the plane he is hospitalized.

avicii hospital

He is 24 years old and is hospitalized with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. It’s just, there’s only his manager with him asking him to do the evenings anyway. Watch the video.

Tim has throbbing pains in the stomach as perhaps only pancreatitis can give and the painkillers do not work, they tell him that not even the heroine works because he has become addicted, but he has never taken the heroine.

Tim is broken, tried physically and morally.

The boy is a hard worker and above all he does not want to disappoint his fans and his collaborators, so he starts to satisfy the requests of the reporters and the manager and he does the evenings.

But perhaps the beginning of the end is here.

avicii avicii avicii

avicii avicii avicii


Tim Bergling

Although Tim is very bad because stomach pains go on for a month every day, the tour continues and starts to get more and more nervous. When the appendix is ​​perforated and pancreatitis returns, the pain goes on for 4 months.

When he then resumes the tour of the evenings is no longer as before. Tim is always nervous and anxious. He understands that this world does not belong to him, he does not like it, he just wants to make music.

His sense of duty leads him to do something he does not want and he can no longer do and this completely disrupts him.

In 2016 he announced that this summer will be the last summer of concerts and that he will not perform anymore.

Tim is constantly tormented by not wanting to disappoint others especially their fans. But now performing has become impossible, the thought alone makes it feel bad and even struggles to finish the last dates scheduled in 2016 by canceling the 10 dates of Los Angeles.

Also on its last date, August 28th 2016 to the Ushuaia of ibiza, before going on stage, she is very anxious and tries to postpone as much as possible, arriving with a little delay on stage. Watch the video.



It’s amazing how evenings viewed from the audience can be so different from the DJ’s point of view.

What was supposed to be a stupendous moment full of success and satisfactions was actually a sequined cage that was suffocating Tim.

His decision to leave the live stunned all his fans, who know very well Avicii, but much less Tim. Avicii is a successful DJ, the highest paid DJ in the world, who became famous at age 22. It goes around the world and is recognized by all as a genius who has changed the world of electronic house music



Tim is a humble and introverted boy who does not like being in the spotlight.

The only thing they have in common is the incredible talent.


Tim’s statements

Noi tutti raggiungiamo un punto nella vita e nella carriera in cui capiamo cosa è più importante per noi. Per me è creare musica. È quello per cui vivo, quello per cui sento di essere nato. La fine dei live, non ha significato la fine di Avicii o della mia musica. Sono tornato nella dimensione dove tutto ha avuto un senso: lo studio. Il prossimo passo riguarderà il mio amore nel fare musica per voi. È l’inizio di qualcosa di nuovo. Spero che vi piaccia tanto quanto me”, aveva scritto sul suo sito ufficiale.







Hello world,

Thank you for letting me fulfill so many of my dreams. I will be forever grateful to have experienced and accomplished all that I have with the help of the team around me and my beloved fans. Thank you to all my peers in the business for building a new movement that took the world by storm and I was lucky enough to be in the middle of it. Thank you to all my partners through the years who believed in what I have created and wanted to amplify my work to a truly global presence.

First and foremost thank you to my brother and partner Ash, its truly been a crazy run and its only been possible through our collaborative efforts, yin and yang, brother to brother manager to artist. I will always appreciate this road with you no matter where it leads from here. I could write so much more but our journey is far from finished.

Thank you to everyone at At Night, a special thanks to everyone who has been a part of the team since day one and without your hard dedicated work I wouldn’t be here. Thank you especially to Carl Vernersson, Filip Holm, Marcus Lindgren, Victor Lee and Panos Ayassotelis.

Thank you to the teams of Johnny Tenander, Per Sundin, Max Hole, Neil Jacobson and Joakim Johansson in no particular order. Your loyalty and hard work on the label and publishing fronts have allowed me to always feel like we have had someone backing us in your court, and that has given me the musical confidence I’ve needed. Thank you.

Thank you Robb Harker, Malik Adunni, David Brady, Andrew Mckeough, Rob Woo and Felix Alfonzo – you helped introduce touring to me in as much of a functional way possible for a kid my age and my road could have been a lot darker if it wasn’t for your personal support at such a crucial point. Thank you Semi Baddredine for all your personal support, talks and help in me growing up. I have a weird feeling i could be dead If it wasn’t for you and I will always love and support you.

Thank you to Ciara Davy, Michael “Curly” Jobson and the MJM team, Harry Bird and Charlie Alves for making my touring years amazing during the best of times and durable during the worst. I hope we will find a way to keep on working together.

Thank you to all artists, musicians and songwriters who have helped me develop musically and personally, the list is long but there is no one I’ve worked with where I haven’t learnt something.

A huge thank you to all my friends in the industry. Thank you Jesse Waits at XS for having been such a huge friend to me and a rock in stormy waters. Also huge thanks in no particular order to Jonathan Schwartz, Austin Leeds, Pete Moutso, Dave Grutman, Noah Tepperberg, Jason Strauss, Sean Christie, Carlos Correal, Rob Fernandez, Eddie Dean, Adam Russakoff, Mike Satsky, Trecia Laird, Lisa Pillette, Marcella Barrett, Zoe Stainsby, Joe Bellioti, Yann and Romain Pissenem, John and Paul in Ibiza, Fricko, Sean, Marcus, Awat, Lucas, Ludde, Calle, Johannes, Filip, Levan, Otto, Oliver, my brothers David and Anton, my sister Linda, My parents Anki and Klas. Thank you to all the ones I didn’t include in this moment. There has been too many people to mention in one sitting that had an impact on me in this industry and I’m sorry I’m forgetting some of you. But last but not least thank you to every fan who has ever bought a ticket or snuck in, bought a song or downloaded it, commented on posts or hated at them. Its your thoughts and ideas about the music that helped me evolve and I do owe everything I have to you.

My path has been filled with success but it hasn’t come without its bumps. I’ve become an adult while growing as an artist, I’ve come to know myself better and realize that there’s so much I want to do with my life. I have strong interests in different areas but there’s so little time to explore them.

Two weeks ago, I took the time to drive across the U.S. with my friends and team, to just look and see and think about things in a new way. It really helped me realize that I needed to make the change that I’d been struggling with for a while.

My choices and career have never been driven by material things, although I’m grateful for all the opportunities and comforts my success has availed me. I know I am blessed to be able to travel all around the world and perform, but I have too little left for the life of a real person behind the artist.

I will however never let go of music – I will continue to speak to my fans through it, but I’ve decided this 2016 run will be my last tour and last shows. Let’s make them go out with a bang!

One part of me can never say never, I could be back …but I won’t be right back.

Tim Bergling/Avicii

P.S. I’ve got a new phone so you can text me re all this +46769436383. Please bare with me I might not be super quick to reply. X


The film/documentary Avicii True Stories

And just to explain to the fans the real reasons for his decision not to play live in Avicii True Stories, the documentary film about his life released all over the world on October 26, 2016

Watch at a preview

The film is well told about its introvert and simple nature that clashes with success and fame. From the original footage we see Tim as a pure and simple boy, completely different from the celebrities full of ego of our days, a simple bearing, and a tired and tired boy. Far from the classic stereotype of the Star.

The film shows a simple guy who loves being with his dog and his friends in the tranquility of anonymity.


Even the words of his colleagues are clear in describing a humble boy, but with a talent like Bach.

In the film, Tim also explains his disappointment in disappointing fans, but that he has reached a point where he can not even do an evening. Beyond his will, is his body to ask him, a burden of stress and anxiety accumulated in the 8 years that no longer allow him to move forward.

He then decided to go back to making music in silence, retired to his studio, just what he likes to do.


Watch the ufficial trailer



avicii mtv
Tim managed to win two MTV Music Awards, a Billboard Music Awards and two Grammy nominations, respectively for “Sunshine”, with David Guetta, and “Levels”, his greatest success. He was now a candidate for the Billbard Music Award for his EP Avicii (01).

Watch the video of the award for American Music Awards

He was one of the highest paid DJs in the world, reaching 28 million in 2014 and 15 million dollars a year in 2016, becoming the highest paid DJ in the world. His music is history.

He has collaborated with Madonna, Coldplay, and David Guetta just to name a few

Watch the video of A sky full of stars (Avicii edit). 


How can you not know Levels” the song that made it literally emerge, become the real Hit of young people, boys, locals, cities, those who want to live, those who want to escape, the song that represents Ibiza in its pure state. the same video represents the desire to escape from a boring and monotonous life, where the essence of life itself is lacking, where an employee who has to do with old paperwork from morning to night goes crazy and starts dancing. Everyone around him believing him crazy trying to sedate him. He ends up in the hospital, but the desire to live is so much that a flower is born and also infects all the others…

Watch the video of Levels.


Or how not to think of a planetary Hit as Wake me up that after 5 years is still in every radio.

Or to Hey Brother or theThe Nights, a song full of desire to live, of a desire to get excited.

Or how not to remenber I could be the one Avicii vs Nicky Romero of 2011.

or again Lonely Toghether ft. Rita Ora,

or the la recentissima Without you  ft Sandro Cavazza of summer 2017.

Just to name a few…


La morte di Avicii

In a statement, the head of her press office, Diana Baron, wrote “It is with deep sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii, the family is devastated and we ask everyone to respect their need for privacy at this difficult time. No other declarations will be issued “.

Tim died on April 20, 2018 in Muscat, Oman, just 28 years old.

avicii guetta“Something really horrible happened, we lost a friend with such a beautiful heart and the world lost an incredibly talented musician, thank you for your beautiful melodies, for the time we shared in the studio, playing together as a DJ or simply enjoying life as friends, rest in peace “. These are the words of David Guetta.

All over the world, they gave Tim the news of his death.

Watch the video of the utrech bells in Holland


His death saddens us so much, I do not hide that he was my favorite DJ. A boy really full of life and energy. We will miss him so much and also ibiza will be a bit ‘less ibiza without him. His energy will always live in his crazy songs.


Hi Tim, congratulations for what you have been, a genius.

Watch the video of Feeling Good.


La ragazza con gli stivaletti bassi


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